Alegria, Surigao del Norte

Socio Economic Profile

Industrial Establishment

There is only one type of light industry is present in the barangay the rice mills.  

Barangay Industrial Establishment

Establishment Type Total Land Area Occ. Total No. Name of Industrial Companies Site Predominantly Locate Ave. Employed Person Total No. of Employed Person
Rice Mill 1000m 2 ALIMPUKO Purok 8 8 8
Palamos rice mill 1000m 2 DJEE Purok 1 8 8
Adlawan rice mill 1000m 2 Adlawan Purok 3 8 8


Total Area of Public Land

The barangay has a total public lands of 7 hectares that are classified as forestland that constitute to 01.44% of the total barangay land area while those considered as alienable and disposable (A&D) land reached to 479 hectares or to its equivalent to 98.56%. Protection forest is 1.5 hectares that are mostly constitute the buffer zones. Production forest are now covered by the Agroforestry developments.

Barangay Land Uses

Land Classification Specific Land Uses Area (has) % to Total
A. Alienable & Disposal (A&D) 479 98.56%
  1. Built-up2.Agriculture






B. Forestland Timberland 7 01.44%
Barangay Total Area 1. Protection2. Production 1.55.5  
Barangay Total Area   486  100%


Forestland Economic Activities

The whole area under the production forest are developed into agroforestry. The newly developed fruit trees and forest trees plantations are on its fourth year. Most of the developments are owned by the non residence of the barangay.